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Eggs in your life
by Peter Surai

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About this book

After years of bad press and speculation on the influence of eggs on human health, the egg is finally starting to lose its 'enemy image' which has resulted, starting from the seventies, in a significant reduction of egg consumption thoughout the world.

The egg of the chicken has for long been seen and accepted as a uniquely avaliable source of nutrients in our diet. In nutritinal terms, the egg has passed the most rigorous statistical test that could ever have been devised, both in time - thousands of years - and replication involving a world based population.

However, controversy about the role of the egg in human nutrition still remains. So is the egg friend or foe? How are the eggs produced and what is the difference between various types of eggs such as organic, free range and barn? Is there any benefit from omega-3 and antioxidant-enriched eggs? What is the structure of the egg and which parts are most beneficial for health and well-being? Who are the major egg producers and consumers in the world? What are the traditions associated with eggs throughout the world? What about the cholesterol controversy, egg characteristics and content of major vitamins and minerals? Egg-based drinks and liquors, ancient and modern ways of egg preservation, Guinness egg-related records and a host of unusual facts abound and all have a place in the exoticism of the egg to our daily existence.

This book attempts to give the reader the answers to these and many other questions related to eggs in our lives, through a unique eclectic blend of science, statistics and unusual and amazing facts.

Written by two amiable professors, who have spent many years associated with the poultry industry and nutritional research at scientific and practical levels both in the UK and worldwide, this book is sure to provide a great insight into the beneficial functions of the egg, its effects on human health, including dieting, slimming and replanishment of lost energy.

This book is aimed at a wide audience of anyone who is interested in eggs - from housewives to dieticians and egg lovers alike and to those who are simply interested in knowing more about the food they eat. Both adults and children of school age and beyond will benefit from reading this book, written by experts in the field. We are sure that almost everyone will find something of interest and also fasinating as a result of reading this book.


  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • A reputation in dispute
  • Egg producing systems
  • Worldwide egg production and consumption
  • Egg formation
  • The laying hen is an egg producing factory
  • Egg structure
  • General nutritive value of the egg
  • Proteins
  • Lipids
  • Fatty acids and cholesterol
  • Designer eggs with omega-3 fatty acids
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Choline
  • Carotene and carotenoids
  • Antioxidants and human health
  • Satiety and weight loss
  • The egg - a positive role in exercise
  • Nutritional enhancement of eggs
  • Egg preservation - fromo acient times to the present
  • The way forward
  • Glossary
  • Index

About the Author

 Dr Peter Surai started his studies at Kharhov University, Ukraine, where he obtained his PhD and DSc in biochemistry studying effects of antioxidants on poultry. Later he became Professor of Human Physiology. In 1994 he moved to Scotland to continue his antioxidant related research in poulty and in 2000 he was promoted to a full Professor of nutritional Biochemistry at the Scottish Agricultural College. 

Ray Noble holds an Honours Degree in Agricultural Biochemistry from the University of Durham and a PhD for his study on the effects of gonadal hormones on aspects of avian mineral metabolism using radioisotopes.He was awarded a DSc by the Univeristy os Newcastle for research and published work on lipid metabolism. His career has covered basic biochemical research with additional teaching involvements at graduate and postgraduate levels.



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ISBN13: 9780957549609
Format: Paperback
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Language: English
Published: 2013

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